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Hand planting trees with technology of renewable resources to reduce pollution

Let's fly
the circular economy!

Myia is the only company in Switzerland rearing the insect Black Soldier Fly to bio-convert food waste for producing sustainable petfood, feed
and fertilizer.

Current situation on the planet

The consumption of intensively farmed meat and fish is increasing sharply
and the trend is expected to grow further in the coming years.

Intensive livestock farms require large quantities of soya-based feed
and acquacultureuse fish meal. They cause deforestation and exploitation of fish stocks
at a rate notsustainable for the planet.

The current production model of the agri-food chain produces three main consequences:

EU situation: numbers of the issue

The current situation in Europe calls for action!

Simply put: is it logic what we are doing?

We produce thousands of tonnes of food waste
while we are destroying natural resources to produce those food that in part will be destroyed.


Is this logic?

We at Myia believe in a different way of dealing with waste!

Forest showing circular economy
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