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Lab researchers looking at species of insects on dish, doing laboratory tests

Black Soldier Fly

We have an ally in creating a circular economy:
the Black Soldier Fly (Hermetia Illucens),
a phenomenal raw material converter.

The Black Soldier Fly is capable of converting
food waste into different products:
proteins, oil and fertiliser

The process

Insects are the favourite food of various animal species that find in them high amounts
of proteins and calories
in a resource that is widely available in nature.


In particular Black Soldier Fly is the champion at converting organic waste into elements
of high biological value, useful for various industrial processes.


Myia uses the Black Soldier Fly by breeding it in safe, closed-loop, modular plants
to bio-convert tons of food waste into valuable products for animal feed and also for agriculture and industry.

How it works



Colourful Foodwaste

Food production waste from companies nearby our plant is set aside as valuable raw material and not as waste.

They are transported to our plant with the utmost attention to transport efficiency.



laboratory equipment  in Myia start up

The waste is processed
in order to be suitable
for feeding the larvae
of the Black Soldier Fly, safely and following the strictest hygienic standards.



Black soldier fly on Myia's employee finger

As larvae eat waste, they convert it into valuable products such as proteins, fat and fertiliser.
The bioconversion process takes place entirely in our plant in Biasca. 



black soldier fly larvae

The larvae, after only 14 days,
are mature, naturally rich in proteins and fats and are stabilised to be sold or processed to obtain proteins and oil for animal feed, fertiliser for agriculture.

How our process is sustainable?

Our impact is transversal and touches, directly or indirectly, all UN sustainability development goals.

We are continuously working to make our process more and more environmentally friendly.

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