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SDG Poster 2019
ESG icon concept circulating in hands for environment, society and governance

Born to be clean

Our approach, to business as well as to corporate management, is based on the principles 
of sustainability


We are aware of the challenges that lie ahead
and for which there is no more time, and we are committed to contribute to the achievement of the SDG's of the UN 2030 Agenda.


Our impact on SDG's

SDG 2 zero hunger

Protein meal and oil produced
by the waste disposal process can provide substantial help to reach the goal of zero hunger and of safe food for everyone.

Our goals:

  • Overcoming the food poverty

  • Providing safe food for everyone

Sustainable Development Goal 6

Frass has been revealed as an excellent fertilizer with minimum risks of polluting waters due

to its chemical composition.
This fertilizer may protect clean water from pollutant filtrations
of chemical fertilizer.     

Our goal:

  • Reducing the risk of poll

Sdg goal 9 industry innovation and infrastructure

Our production cycle involves the Black Soldier Fly promotes the development of innovative and sustainable nutrient management approaches and technologies.

Our goal:

  • Developing new innovative technologies

sdg goal 12 responsible consumption and production

We recover organic waste and convert it into products that
are fed back into the feed cycle, avoiding waste.


Our goals:

  • Less waste

  • Supported circular economy

sustainable development goal 13 climate action

The process of organic waste disposal through the BSF is virtually zero-impact.
The resulting products replace products that would require the use of environmental resources.

Our goals:

  • Less GHG emissions

  • Less exploitation of natural resources.

sustainable development goal 15 life on land

Protein flour produced by the waste disposal process is a better quality and more sustainable substitute for industrial flour produced from high-impact crops such as soya.

Flour from BSF helps reduce the exploitation of forested areas.

Our goal:

  • Reducing the exploitation
    of arable land.

How our process supports
the green transition

Wildfires release CO2 emissions and other greenhouse gases (GHG)

Reduction of GHG emissions

seed and planting concept with Male hand watering young tree

Minimum use of soil and water

Circular system symbol on a green vine leaf. Recycling, sync and sustainability

Generation of a circular economy

Colorful Compost Bin in New York

Reduction of food waste

Fertilization and the role of nutrients in plant life. Soil with digital mineral nutrients

Producing local and natural fertilizer

Dry dog food in metal plate isolated on white

Producing high value biotech products

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